I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

My bright idea

Today is a down day. It shouldn't be. I'm not at work and I have the materials to get on with the kitchen. I have the chance to tick a few jobs from my to do list. But down I am. What I'd really like to do is go to bed, although I'm not tired. I think I'd just like to hide until the day has gone.

I watched a programme about Stephen Fry the other week; The secret life of a manic depressive. I'm not manic depressive, but there are certainly times when I am manic. It's the depressive bit that I baulk from. Maybe it's just my pride and prejudice that makes me shy away from accepting the term. Whatever it is, I am forced to concede that today I am a bit down.

I have written an advert. I am hoping to run a writing course, using Martin's house in Spain. If I could get those going, then I would definitely feel a bit brighter. I think it's a good idea.

I've got loads of great ideas, but then that's me all over; loads of great ideas.

I had a bright idea the other day. The law on child booster seats has changed and now all children under 12 who are below a certain height must use a booster seat, whether in the front or back of the car. Some people have been making the point that this will make it difficult for clubs and groups who rely on volunteer parents to give kids a lift. Basically they won't have enough booster seats. What kids need is a bag made from material that doubles as a booster; something they can sit on and keep things in. Kids like bags with buckles and zips and pockets and secret cubby holes. Give them cool, removable covers. Washable for parents and fashionable, like phone covers, for kids. Parents won't need extra booster seats for friends, kids will have their own.

I won't do anything with my booster seat idea. I have ideas. I produce the seeds. Like mental sperm. Unfortunately I spend my life in a condom; none of my seeds will ever germinate.

So, feel free to use my ideas, and maybe one day I will be cheered by an anonymous gift from a go get it entrepreneur. Until then I'm going to mope around the house.

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