I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...


I found a blog yesterday. I was clicking next blog, looking for a friend, something to read, anything. I've begun looking at the computer screen like it's a TV. Instead of Jeremy Kyle or Oprah, I watch this cool programme; Next Blog. Except it's not very cool. It's actually rather dull. It usually consists of pages and pages of dull writing. Writing about how to make money. How to get a date. Writing in other languages. Writing in English that should be in another language. So many blogs are crap. But yesterday I found one that I actually read.

It's called Edges. I'm not going to tell you about it because it appears to be new as I was the first person to leave a comment. I would like you to visit for yourself but I should warn you that its content is...adult.

The reason I'm writing about it is because it made me think of Edges.

I think that Edges is a great motif for identity in today's society. We live at the edges. And the edges are blurred. 50 years ago we would have followed a much simpler path. We wouldn't have had the huge range of identities to chooses from. Our Edges would have been clearly marked; dress like this, live here. do this, eat that. It was a more traditional life and tradition means that there are clear boundaries. The spaces we occupied 50 years ago had clear Edges.

In postmodern society the edges are so blurred they barely exist. Tradition has become a derogatory term. Society derides edges. Our media, through catchphrases, slogans, songs, implores us to break out, break free, live the dream, just do it, go for it etc. We are expected to, encouraged to break the mould, step over the edge.

And it makes life hard. We must make personal choices about everything because our society offers us choice at every turn. We can choose in terms of dress, work, language, habitat and sexuality. (No, I'm not saying that sexuality is a choice, but I am saying that fifty years ago there was not the option to come out, enter into civil partnership etc.)

Choices can be liberating. But they also cause stress. We feel safe within boundaries, when we know the rules, have four walls around us. Remove those boundaries and yes, the world is your oyster. But oysters the size of the world are pretty scary monsters.

In postmodern society we all live at the edges. In terms of climate, science, politics we teeter on the edge, push the boundaries. Edges is a great motif. And it's a blog that you should read.

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