I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

Who are you?

I'm having an easy day today - a reward for my successful interview yesterday. It has made me aware that I will be stepping back into full-time labour. Days like this will be quite rare after Christmas. It makes me appreciate this one.

I am working though. It's just working at a leisurely pace. I am decorating a house around the corner and my next task is to replace the skirting and door frames. The couple have bought new, raw wood and it is much easier if I undercoat and gloss it before fitting it. I've brought it home to do. It takes 20 minutes to paint, but then you need to leave 4 hours between coats. As I said, I am working, but it's leisurely.

I have been thinking about my new job, or I've been thinking about new jobs. They provide an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Suddenly you have a rush of new friends. People who weren't there suddenly become significant features of your day to day life. They know little about you and therefore you can make things up. I don't mean lie about anything but you can have an image change.

At my last school I was known as a football fan. Conversations invariably revolved around football, and by association sport. I was known also as a drinker, and drank more on socials in order to live up to the image. Maybe this time I will be different. I could be a writer this time, or an intellectual.

I know people will say, " why don't you just be yourself?" But all these things are myself. At work the time for talk beyond school matters is limited. Colleagues can never know the whole of you, and therefore you can choose what to present first. If we get to know each other more, then there will be surprises: "I never knew you were into football." First impressions are important though, and I suppose I am merely thinking in advance what kind of first impressions I want to make.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Extrovert/mad. I want to come across as being off the wall, especially in the classroom. Not embarrassed to make a fool of myself and always ready to try out new things.

2. Counsellor. I want to cultivate a reputation as someone who gives good advice, is open and honest, and discreet.

3. Intellectual. I want to talk intelligently about books and ideas and try to avoid all conversations being focussed on either work or football.

4. Political. I want to be known as a rule breaker and when rules are daft to say so.

In addition to this rant, I finished Trainspotting 2 days ago, and I'm now half way through Sputnik Sweetheart. Can someone suggest what my next read should be?

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