I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

Here we go, here we go...

Blogging should come with a health warning, just like cigarette packs. Every time you log on to blogger, the screen should flash a variety of messages aimed at jogging your conscience; "You have a wife who might want to talk to you", "Your children are hungry", "Blogging can seriously damage your sex life", "You are more likely to suffer depression as a result of blogging."

My blogging has become so obsessive, I am blogging now, even though Liverpool are on the TV in the next room. I am going to need therapy. The mere fact that I have written that sentence gives me cold sweats. I am a changed man.

Talking of change, this blog, or this collection of blogs, (what is the collective noun for a group of blogs - a gaggle, a flock, a murder. Maybe murder would be right for a group of bloggers: a murder of bloggers.) is constantly changing. I like change. It is a sign that things are alive, vital. There is no perfect blog, but a changing blog is a blog that is in pursuit of perfection, and the pursuit, the chase, the journey is everything.

I have taken the decision to delete the sport blog. I love talking about sport, but writing about it is too demanding. I am interested in too much. If I just focussed on football (soccer), I would need to write every night to keep up. The bottom line is, and I have mentioned this before, sport is not intellectually stimulating enough. I want this blog to challenge me, and any readers, intellectually. Sport simply does not do that. It is too reliant upon fact and data, and for me, fact and data form a body of knowledge, and knowledge may be power, but it is not intelligence.

You Count