I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

Wishing on a star

What are wishes for? We pull wishbones, blow out candles. "Make a wish." Why? We don't really believe in them do we? To do lists are better than wish lists. Instead of listing things that are impossible, impractical or improbable, we should look for the things we can change. But then that requires a little more hard work.

My wish list contained the wish, "to have a little more composure in front of goal." I played football again tonight, and I have just as little composure now as I did before I wished for more. I hit the keepers legs 3 times. 3 times out of 3 chances to score, I hit the outstretched leg of a man. Behind him was an open goal. I couldn't hit the large area of the open goal. I picked out a solitary foot. 3 times.

I should have added to my to do list, "practice shooting once a day." That would have been more effective.

And so my wish list, which had at the very top, "travel the world." now looks like this:

  • finish decorating the bathroom
  • finish decorating the kitchen
  • finish decorating the hall
  • finish decorating the upstairs toilet
Whether I'm talking about to do lists or wish lists, one thing is clear. I'm not a great finisher.

You Count