I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Meaning is elusive. It hides under the cover of words. This is the script I wrote. It says something closer to my ideas about the relationship between language and reality than a translation of the idea can.

Rob: name
Mark: is
Rob: Mark
Mark: My
Rob: name
Mark: is
Rob: Rob
Mark: I
Rob: am
Mark: not
Rob: a
Mark: street
Rob: performer
Mark: or
Rob: an
Mark: artist
Rob: but I
Mark: am a
Rob: liar
Mark: liar
Rob: and so
Mark: am I
Rob: am I
Mark: Am I?
Rob: I am
Mark: I think
Rob: I think I am
Mark: I think therefore
Rob: I am
Mark: But what do I think I am?
Rob: shush, I'm thinking
Mark: How do I know?
Rob: (Still thinking)
Mark: You think therefore you are?
Rob: exactly
Mark: but that's no good
Rob: it's good for me, now let me think
Mark: but if you sat in a box and shut the door no-one would know that you were
Rob: were?
Mark: the past form of am, conjugated from the infinitive to be
Rob: Ah, to be or not to be that is the answer
Mark: But do you know the question?
Rob: What is The Matrix?
Mark: Do you think these guys are ready?
Rob: You mean?
Mark: You already know what I mean
Rob: OK, buckle up Dorothies, blue pill or red pill time (offers sweets) let's see how deep the rabbit hole is
Mark: Did you say rabbits?
Rob: I'm sorry, I did. A mistake. Let's forget it
Mark: Ladies and Gentlemen
Rob: Look, no! You're embarrassing
Mark: Come on they'll love it, they always do.
Rob: We've never done it before!
Mark: I speak therefore I am...I have done this before
Rob: You're such a liar...let's do it
Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness the most outrageously wondrous magic trick
Rob: (Rummaging through the suitcase, whispers loudly) We haven't got a hat
Mark: Don't worry, we'll wing it
Rob: Oh shit! (Reluctantly) For his first trick he shall conjure a hat. As you can see he has nothing up his sleeves (Shows sleeves) and nothing in his mouth (shows mouth)
Mark: (loud) Hat
Rob: And there ladies and gentlemen, a hat appears, or it does if you took the red pill, but what makes this hat special is that the hat is different to every one of us. A simple 3 letter word signifies so much
Mark: Can I do my trick now I've got a hat?
Rob: Sorry, course
Mark: Thanks
Rob: Now, watch carefully, it's better with your eyes closed at this point. From beneath the hat, Mark will produce a rabbit
Mark: (Loud) Drumroll
Rob: I can hear it, I can, can you?
Mark: (Very Loud) Rabbit
Rob: (Shaking) I hate that bit
Mark: Are you scared of rabbits?
Rob: Have you seen Donnie Darko?
Mark: Is that a question?
Rob: Is this?
Mark: Shall we ask the audience?
Rob: Phone a friend?
Mark: You don't have any friends
Rob: Let's ask the audience then
Mark: This next trick is very dangerous, more dangerous than you will realise today, but one day, not today, nor tomorrow, but one day you will realise just how dangerous this trick is, and you will try it for yourselves, at home. (Loud) Try this at home!
Rob: For this trick we are going to make you disappear
Mark: Don't forget, I speak therefore I am
Rob: Shall we begin?
Mark: After you.
Rob: What
Mark: time
Rob: is
Mark: love?
Rob: Sorry, too late, you're gone, disappeared, vamoose
Mark: I speak therefore I am
Rob: Therefore
Mark: I speak not therefore I am not
Rob: Did
Mark: you
Rob: come
Mark: here
Rob: for
Mark: forgiveness?
Rob: I speak not therefore I am not
Mark: Did you come to raise
Rob: the dead?
Mark: What do lepers and rabbits have in common?
Rob: Would you rather be the sun or the moon?
Mark: red or blue?
Rob: a nymph
Mark: or a mermaid?
Rob: I think we should slow down. There'll be no one left
Mark: (Cartoon slow) Who are you?
Rob: That's ridiculous
Mark: (Cartoon slow again) What are you?
Rob: There must be an easier way
Mark: We could write it down
Rob: I write therefore I am...neat

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