I don't want to be a brick in a wall. All bricks look the same and they are cemented into place, kept in rigid order. And walls divide. And life is like banging your head...

Noah's Ark

It seems as though writing a blog is a bit like setting something in stone. At first I thought this was just another of our pipe dreams, but Deb seems really convinced. She went to Whipsnade zoo with the kids yesterday while I was working. She texted me:

We are so going on our travels! Fab here makin me excited bout it. We have to go to an exotic place first though - please x

I might just be starting to feel out of my depth. Europe in a motorhome was adventurous and safe at the same time - like going to Nottingham but in a different language. Like going to Newcastle. Deb fancies Africa first.

Anyway, the point is that we are going somewhere and Deb is convinved that the kids can learn more of the important stuff away from school. She even told her parents the other day. She said they were fantastic; "Go for it."

That's the good point of the blog. It has made a dream a reality.

The bad side of it is that no-one reads it. Well, nearly no-one. I got a comment the other day and I couldn't believe how good it made me feel. A comment of support from Texas, USA. Thank you.

The comment invigorated me. I spent some time looking for a site meter and set that up. It's been running for four or five days now. I got excited to see it counting, and then realised it was going up at exactly the same rate as I was looking at it. It has only ever counted my own hits.

My plans now are to enrol on a TEFL course to give me a chance of work abroad. I also want to have a look at a magazine Deb's bought; Real Travel.

You Count